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» » » » TDS,ESI,PF,VAT,PT,Excise Due date- Slab-Challan Summary

Expenditures paid for in one accounting period but not completely used or consumed until the next accounting period. Examples of expenses paid in advance are insurance, advertising, and rent. Prepaid expenses are often of a recurring nature. They are shown under current assets.

Service Tax - Central Govt 
Service Tax Filling - Halfyearly (25 Oct , 25 april)
Service Tax Payment - 5th of every month for others (company) and 5th of every quarter for individual, propritory, partnership (6th for e payment)
Note - in the month of march, it has to be filled before 30th March
At 9 lakhs - he should obtain registration
If value of taxble value exceeds Rs 10 lakhs - service is required to be paid.
Percentage - 10% (Net - 10.3% --- 10%+2%(EC)+1%(SHEC))

P T - Local Govt (Karnataka)---- new format - eprerena 
PT deposited - 20th of every month form 5 (Form 5a - If PT is less than Rs 5000 then - 20days after earch quarter ending March to May 2010, etc....)
PT Return Filling - Annual after 60 days of end of year -( 30 april )(60 days from 28th Feb or 31st march - to check)

P T Slab (old)
Professional tax in Karnataka on Salary or wage earners whose salary or wage or both, as the case may be, for a month is,
(a) not less than Rs. 3000 but less than Rs. 5000 Rs. 30 Per month
(b) not less than Rs. 5,000 but less than Rs. 8,000 Rs. 60 Per month
(c) not less than Rs. 8,000 but less than Rs. 10,000 Rs. 100 Per month
(d) not less than Rs. 10,000 but less than Rs. 15,000 Rs. 150 Per month
(e) Rs. 15,000 and above Rs. 200 Per month

P T Slab (New)
Effective from 1st April 2009, professional tax slabs has been revised in Karnataka, I would like to share the details.
W.E.F.1-04-2009, Employees drawing salary upto Rs9,999/-Per Month are exempted from payment of Professional Tax.The existing slab w.e.f.1-04-2009 is as below:

1.Rs10,000.00/-to Rs14,999/--Rs150/-
2.Rs.15,000/- and above Rs200/-

P F 
Remittance callan - 15th every month + 5 days of grace
Return Filling -

1.P.F.Return : The employer has to submit FORM 3A & 6A - Annual Return for the Accounting year starts from March to Febraury of your employees on or before 31st of May

salary slab on which employer has to mandatorily give employer contribution is Rs. 6500 per month
10 or more peolple in org for enrollment

Calculation are based upon basic salary
Employer ontribution - 12%
Employee contribution - 12%
Total - 24%
Employers contribution of 12% of basic salary is totally deposited in provident fund account Whereas out of Employees contribution of 12% , 3.67% is contributed to Provident fund and 8.33% is deposited in Pension scheme

EPF interest - 9.5% (Last year 8.5%)

Scheme Name Employee contribution Employer contribution Paid to A/c No
Employee provident fund 12% 3.67% (Max Basic sal- 6500) 1
Employees' Pension scheme 0 8.33% (Fixed) 10
Employees Deposit linked insurance 0 0.5% 21
EPF Administrative charges 0 1.1% 2
EDLIS Administrative charges 0 0.01% 22

EPF Ceiling Limit

Epf ceiling limit is fixed to 6500/-.The employer is liable to pay contribution only on 6500/- Whatever is the basic salary

check this site for calculation

E S I 
Remittance challan by - 21st every month
Return Filling - Half yearly - 11 November, 12th May
slabs -

Calcualtions are based on Gross Salary (Basic+DA+Conveyance allowance+CCA+HRA etc)
Employee Contribution - 1.75%
Employer Contribution - 4.75%
Employee state insurance ceiling is fixed to Rs 15000/ Month
The employee who draws Rs. 15000.00 p/m or more will not be covered under ESI
(ie... employess from May 2010 Employees upto Rs 15000 are under state insurance giving wider coverage (also looking at inflation))

Central Exise 

Due date of Payment
For SSI Unit - 15th Monthly (16th if epayment )
For others - 5th Monthly (6th if epayment) - - - Note: Big Company

If march - 31st March

Due Dates For Filing Central Excise Returns
Quarterly Return (SSI) - 20th of following quarter
Monthly Return (non SSI) - 10th of following month

E payment mandatory if Excise and Service tax is more than 50 lakhs

Form No Particulars Periodicity
Form 24 Annual return of "Salaries" under Section 206 of Income Tax Act, 1961 Annual
Form 26 Annual return of deduction of tax under section 206 of Income Tax Act, 1961 in respect of all payments other than "Salaries" Annual
Form 27 Statement of deduction of tax from interest, dividend or any other sum payable to certain persons Quarterly
Form 27E Annual return of collection of tax under section 206C of Income Tax Act, 1961 Annual
Form 24Q Quarterly statement for tax deducted at source from "Salaries" Quarterly
Form 26Q Quarterly statement of tax deducted at source in respect of all payments other than "Salaries" Quarterly
Form 27Q Quarterly statement of deduction of tax from interest, dividend or any other sum payable to non-residents Quarterly
Form 27EQ Quarterly statement of collection of tax at source

Earlier - Due dates
The due dates for filing quarterly TDS returns, both electronic and paper are as under:
Quarter Due Date Due Date for 27 Q
April to June July 15 14 July
July to September October 15 14 October
October to December January 15 14 January
January to March June 15 14 June

Current Due dates
The due dates for filing quarterly TDS returns, both electronic and paper are as under:
Quarter Due Date-Form Nos 24Q (Sal)& 26Q(other) Due Date for Form No. 27Q(Int, div) Due Date for Form No. 27EQ (TCS)
April to June 15 July 15 July 15 July
July to September 15 October 15 October 15 October
October to December 15 January 15 January 15 January
January to March 15 May 15 May 30 April


Section Nature of Payment Existing Proposed rate - CO RATE - ind
194B Winning from Lottery or Cross word puzzle 5,000 10,000
194BB Winning from Horse Race 2,500 5,000
194C Payment to Contractors [per Transaction] 20,000 30,000 2% 1%
194C Payment to Contractors [Annual Limit] 50,000 75,000 2% 1%
194D Insurance Commission 5,000 20,000
194H Commission or Brokerage 2,500 5,000
194I Rent 1,20,000 1,80,000 10% 10%
194J Fees for Professional and Technical Services 20,000 30,000 10% 10%

VAT and CST returns (for Karnataka)
Payment - 20th of following month (if tourover more than 200cr - 12th of every month)
Return Filling - Annual return - 30th May 

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